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Latin Crash Diet

The Original LATIN CRASH DIET was born in 1995 and has shown excellent results worldwide [...]

Food Pantry for Times of Crisis

DOOMSDAY Did I catch your attention? Did you feel a little pain in your abdomen? [...]

Supercharge your Results – Crash Diet

10 STEPS TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR CRASH DIET There are proven actions that will make this, [...]

How will you handle Challenges during COVID-19 times in our life?

Your attitude it’s very important while facing difficult times, learn a little about the mental [...]

Crisis Diet

I’ve created this meal plan in Response to many of my fans and clients questionsand [...]

Nutrition Month

20 Health Tips for 2020 20 Ways to Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables Eat Right [...]

The Health Benefits of Beans

Beans provide protein, fiber, iron and antioxidants that can make them a healthy addition to [...]

Obesogens: Obesity and Pesticides

It’s not just about calories in versus calories out. If that were all it took [...]

¿Overweight because we eat a lot or because we don’t eat enough?

As it turns out, NOT EATING is also a reason to gain weight.

Improve your Lung’s functions with Food

Los alimentos pueden tener efectos importantes sobre nuestra respiración