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Food Pantry for Times of Crisis


Did I catch your attention?

Did you feel a little pain in your abdomen?

It is going to be a long post, so take your time to read it, it could save your life tomorrow.

I can only imagine how we would be if this were a true crisis.

Yesterday I went to buy ONLY a carton of milk and ONLY a bucket of Greek yogurt while I saw people in distress filling their carts with eggs and cartons of milk.

How can they consume all these perishable products before they expire?

And why would they take it away from someone who really needs it?

We are supposed to be a disciplined society and discipline has just come out the window.

We are supposed to think logically, and logic is the hardest thing to find today.

Because they did not think, much less implemented an emergency plan.

He grabbed them with his pants down.

If you are part of this massive hysteria, accept it and thank God that it is only a practice and that we are not really in crisis.

The next step you should take is to see my post about the products you should already have for these events.

You should create an emergency pantry and rotate it accordingly so that you have at least food for three months.

You should be taking the immune boosters that I’ve already posted in a video on facebook.

Are you already doing it? Are you already taking your immune boosters? If not, you are really wasting time on the Internet. They’re catching you with your pants down.

And you should practice the CRISIS DIET, not because we are in a crisis, but because this will help you prepare for any possible crisis.

I have an emergency pantry, and that is why I am not concerned about food shortages.

And yes, I am eating beans, tortillas that I froze before, and canned vegetables. BTW, I have plenty of canned corn and beans in case we run out of electricity.

Everything is so delicious!

What really worries me is those people who are causing food shortages.

By the way, there is no such thing as food shortage, it is just people being idiots while buying food.

We are our own enemy.

It would be very important to practice the crisis diet just to know how you react to it.

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