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How will you handle Challenges during COVID-19 times in our life?

Your attitude it’s very important while facing difficult times, learn a little about the mental zones you can be in in times of covid-19


  • I find purpose
  • I think of others and how I can help
  • I put my talents at the service of those who need it
  • I live in the present and focus on the future
  • I am empathic, I appreciate, and I value
  • I stay happy and I spread hope
  • I adapt to change
  • I practice Peace, Patience, and Creativity
  • I strengthen my human relationships





  • I stop consuming what is hurting me (negative news and unhealthy food)
  • I start to let go of what I can’t control
  • I identify my emotions
  • I become aware of situations and think before I act
  • I confirm the veracity of information before sharing it
  • I recognize that we are all trying to give  our best



  • I buy compulsively (tissue paper, antibacterial liquids, excess food)
  • I spread emotions of hopelessness, fear and anger
  • I often complaining
  • I forward all negative messages I receive
  • I get irritated easily

Source #adaevacoach