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¿Overweight because we eat a lot or because we don’t eat enough?


How much is little? The Americans decided to find those who did go down the scale and did not go back up, and it turns out that of the thousands and thousands and thousands of people who go on a diet, they only found 3,000 who managed to go down without going back up.

At first, the fat people were blamed, that they say messy, that greedy, that without willpower, and who knows how many more things. But when they saw the results so bad, they began looking for other reasons to gain weight that had nothing to do with overeating.

This especially true if they have the habit of skipping meals, which ends up becoming more fat. Sumo wrestlers eat only once a day, by eating more times they lose weight and can no longer fight. So if you want to compete in the next Sumo fights, then only eat once a day.

And now it turns out that we also gain weight if we eat LESS than we should eat. This is really bad news. If we eat too much we gain weight, if we eat too little we gain weight!

This is observed in pregnant women who for some reason stop eating, that they turn their children into obese adults. Could it be that we are suffering because pf our mothers?

Another problem is to stop eating during childhood, as it turns out that this also makes them gain weight as adults. This happens even more when the angina is taken from the children, since this will also cause them to gain weight when they grow up.

And now it turns out that even throat and belly infections can make us fat.

It does not stop there, because if it is hard for you to sleep, you will also get fat. It is even said that if they have the bad habit of falling asleep after 11 at night, just by sleeping before that time, they can lose up to 15 kilos of fat without doing a single day of diet.

I invite you to continue with me on this site that will address nutrition issues and that I am sure will be of great benefit to you and the whole family. So in the meantime, remember what my grandmother used to say “neither so much that burns the saint, nor so much that does not shine”,

“ni tanto que quema al santo, ni tanto que no lo alumbre”,

Meaning; Everything in moderation